There has been a lot of commentary about the tone of my 11 December 2013 blog post. I’ve tried to keep a relatively low profile during the events of the last week.  It has been one of the strangest weeks of my professional life. However, it seems appropriate to make a formal apology.

1. I apologize for the title.  I intended it as a jokey reference for the need to conduct high power replication studies. It was ill advised.

2. I apologize for the now infamous “epic fail” remark (“We gave it our best shot and pretty much encountered an epic fail as my 10 year would say”). It was poor form and contributed to hurt feelings. I should have been more thoughtful.

I will do better to make sure that I uphold the virtues of civility in future blog postings.

-brent donnellan


Author: mbdonnellan

Professor Social and Personality Psychology Texas A &M University

4 thoughts on “Apology”

  1. Brent, you are making a heroic effort to be fair, to apologize for the way you characterized some RESEARCH, and I respect you for that. But the prominent person who complained the loudest has himself described PEOPLE as “shameless little bullies,” “second-stringers,” and “McCarthyites” who see themselves as “god’s chosen soldiers.” Does anybody want to take a bet about the chances of him apologizing for his lack of civility? I’ll give pretty much any odds you want.

  2. Brent, I think you’ve been quite professional throughout this process and have upheld the ideals of science. Thank you for that. On another note, I believe I read somewhere that you have the Schnall et al Study 1 set up in Qualtrics. I’m wondering if you would be willing to share that with me?

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