Updating a Graduate Level Personality Psychology Course

Help! I am teaching graduate Personality Psychology in a few weeks and I want to update my syllabus. I last taught the course in Fall of 2013 so there are new readings and updates to be included. I have some ideas (e.g., the fourth law of behavior genetics piece) but I am suspicious of my ability to identify all of the relevant papers/chapters in the field.  In case you are interested, Brent Roberts maintains a repository of graduate syllabuses (or sittybes?). You can see my reading list from previous years at that location.

Here is a little contest…

1. Identify references to recent papers/chapters (publication date 2012 to current) that you think should be included in a graduate personality psychology course. I try to keep the course broad (it is not just traits 101) and I am interested in both substantive and methodological pieces. Preprints are fine if you provide me the complete reference.

2. Email suggestions by 11:59 pm on 12 January 2016 (see below).

3. I will enter the names of all recommenders into a random drawing and donate $25 to the charity of choice to one winner. Just sending one recommendation is enough to qualify for this fabulous prize!

4. I may or may not include suggestions in my formal course. I like shorter pieces and chapters that are accessible and likely to stimulate an interesting discussion during course meetings. I also like readings that show how personality psychology intersects with other areas such as clinical and industrial/organizational psychology. In case you are interested, I am thinking of a week on the intersections with political science for this term.

5. Regardless of #4, I will compile the suggestions and arrange them thematically as an addendum to my official course syllabus. I hope this is a good resource for graduate students and other instructors. I will then ask the other Brent to post my updated syllabus and the addendum on his repository. I will also link to it here.

I plan to blog about teaching personality psychology this term.

Thanks and Happy 2016! My email is mbdonnellan + that silly location sign + tamu + dot + edu


Author: mbdonnellan

Professor Social and Personality Psychology Texas A &M University

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