The title of this blog refers to the fact that most constructs in psychology can be placed on a continuum of attributes that are completely stable to completely ephemeral.  I have done some work with Dave Kenny’s Trait-State Model (the STARTS Model; see Kenny & Zautra, 2001) so this idea is part of my research.  I also think the title “Trait-State Continuum” sounds very much like something written by a geeky psychology researcher and that describes me well.

This blog will cover topics related to research in personality psychology, personality assessment, and life span development (stuff that I know about) and touch on issues in social psychology (I am housed in a joint social-personality program). I am also interested in pop culture so I might post random thoughts about movies, books, video games, and songs to keep it interesting.  I won’t edit my entries too obsessively so ignore typos.

Ultimately, this blog is an outlet for ideas that are languishing on my desktop or random emails that I might send friends/colleagues.  I have been feeling down about my productivity so I thought blogging might help me re-energize my output.  Hopefully these are interesting to at least 1 other person.  Thanks for reading.

–brent donnellan

New Comment Policy as of 21 May 2014:  I will not approve any comments attached to pseudonyms.  You know who I am…


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